Need to escape?

If you’d like us to move websites located elsewhere over to Host Yorkshire and enjoy the benefits that our world class hosting service has to offer just ask. Most of the time this can be done at no additional cost to you.


Want to escape from us?

We don’t hold hostages!

Here are six simple steps to help you on your way!!!

1. Login to your customer account at Host Yorkshire

2. Go to > Services > My Products

3. View the details of the hosting you wish to cancel

4. Go to > Management Actions > Request Cancellation

5. If you like, please tell us why you are cancelling your hosting

6. Choose Cancellation Type > Immediate / End of Billing Period and submit your request

PLEASE NOTE : If you are moving your website to another host it is your responsibility to backup your files before you request the cancellation. Once the hosting cancellation is made with us your account will be terminated according to the period you have selected. Immediate cancellation will terminate your hosting within 24 hours. If you make a mistake or have received a notification of a termination request from us please contact us to quickly resolve your problem.


For our customers security

To protect the security of your account with us we will not accept any other request for account / hosting cancellation other than from the client area. If you have forgot your login you can request a password reset here.

Thanks for choosing us. We hope to see you in the future!